Vows of silence and my creative process

The first time I committed to a Vow of Silence, my intention was to receive visions of paintings for the Life Force collection. I wanted to listen to the guidance of the universe for this project and create space in my creative realm.

There are five stages of creativity. The first stage is the information-gathering phase, where we research everything we need to inspire the intended project.

The second stage is the incubation process, where one may enter a meditative state to allow the collected information to simmer and digest. Meditative states can occur when sitting in a meditation, taking a shower, going for a walk, or even driving a car.

The third stage is illumination – a eureka moment when the idea, solution, and process for our envisioned project all fall into place. It’s an incredible feeling!

Following this is the verification process. Not all ideas are worth pursuing, which is why the first stage is crucial. We need to input all the necessary pieces into our creative machine to increase the chances of brilliance.

The fifth stage is implementation, the most critical part of the project, where we bring our dreams to reality.

Fostering creativity is something I truly love. That’s why a Vow of Silence felt like a gift from above.

By removing distractions from the outside world, it ensured that my information input wouldn’t be filtered. One of the rules of my Vow of Silence was to delete all social media apps, as I couldn’t control what I saw on my phone and wanted to stay focused on the relevance to the Life Force collection. Silence serves as the perfect container for the incubation process, as it deepens reflection. In these ideal creative conditions, “ah-ha” moments are almost guaranteed.

Silence became both my spiritual and creative practice. Through long hours of meditation and complete disconnection from the world, vivid visions of the paintings began to emerge. When a vision appeared, I didn’t fully understand its meaning until I sketched it out and saw the hidden truth within.

To create this collection, I became a vessel, bringing the visions from the cosmos into existence. I was able to reach states of consciousness that I never thought possible in our busy modern world.

It fascinated me to learn that with good intentions, determination, and devotion, we can become channels for change. I hope to share this intentional practice with other artists to help open their creative channels.

Whether spiritual quests are explored for the sake of creative exploration or for expanding consciousness, they result in numerous discoveries. Disconnecting from the distractions of the world benefits both the artist and the planet.

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