speaking my truth

art is my first language

My childhood was a patchwork of many different homes, cities and cultures as my mother was determined to create a better life than she had for me. 
That quest filled my youth with beautiful moments where my mind was expanded to the awe and wonder of the world but it was often followed by moments of intense isolation as a result of the language barriers that I faced.
Art became an escape from loneliness, a way for me to create beauty and comfort and eventually a conduit for connecting with others. 


becoming a voice for the voiceless

At the same time I was delving deeper into painting my love for animals was growing and eventually these two driving forces in my life merged into my life purpose.
Animals were my soulmates of sorts – I felt a kindredness with these mysterious beings. I had no language to converse with them but I felt that I understood their hearts.


service to the planet
drives everything i do

My upbringing sparked my passion for art, traveling to beautiful places and my desire to make the planet a better home for all.


Ekaterina’s art education formally began at the School of Fine Arts in Yaroslavl, Russia. Equipped with artisan techniques and technical skills, She proceeded to the Art School of Museum inTel-Aviv on a scholarship. Here, she began developing her own style with a period of self-study focusing on bringing awareness to wildlife conservation. 

Ekaterina’s mission to be the voice of these living creatures with consistent efforts both on and offline highlighting issues surrounding the human impact on biodiversity and igniting awareness for the preciousness of life on our planet, encompassing the animals, oceans, rainforests, and forests that urgently need protection to safeguard our world and climate.

Using her paintbrush as an act of silent activism, Ekaterina has raised awareness for wildlife through fundraising at solo exhibitions and via world mural tours.

Her first global project, ANIMALIZE, was built around the concept of connecting humans with animals through direct gaze. All of the paintings in this connect represent animals looking directly at the viewer so as to experience an intimate look into the animal’s soul.

Ekaterina’s upcoming project, LIFE FORCE  epitomizes the spirit and imagery of the delicate balance of life on Earth. These awe-inspiring paintings are the culmination of over five years of dedication and willpower. They fuel a series of visually compelling and educational experiences, aimed at generating support for the conservation and regeneration of the endangered rainforests of Borneo.

More than just an art collection, Life Force represents a movement. It has the potential to touch millions of hearts through education and philanthropy. To kickstart this movement, a series of murals in the Life Force style will be unveiled worldwide, inspiring conversations about jungle conservation and reforestation






LIFE FORCE by Ekaterina Sky
a project protecting vanishing eco-systems needs your help


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