These jackets will empower you to feel your spirit animal as you walk the streets! Ekaterina hopes to inspire each person to look deeply into their current practices and question how they affect the environment and the animals of this world. These jean jackets will help to spread awareness through style wherever you go. She incorporates upcycling as a key part of the process as it has remarkable benefits on the environment. Only 10 pieces will be created and 50% of the earnings will be donated towards saving Borneo Jungle.
Welcome to Borneo Jungle
Together we can make a difference
Ekaterina meets Jin
Discussing land conservation of the Borneo Jungle while heading to see Orangutans in the wild.
Green Team Camp
Ekaterina and Jin, from the Green Team, visit the headquarters of Orangutan Green Team Camp.

Our Mission to Save Borneo Jungle

During the Animalize World Mural tour, I visited the majestic jungles of Borneo, Indonesia and witnessed first hand the magic of the rainforest.

The intention of the trip was to see orangutans, but I was overwhelmed by sadness when I discovered the ongoing destruction of this once pristine landscape.

The expansion of the palm oil industry has taken over 50% of the rainforest, destroying hundreds of species, their homes and a vital part of the global ecosystem. The forests are intentionally set on fire to clear  land for palm oil plantations to grow the world's cheapest oil used for food, cosmetics, biofuel, and more. 

When the jungle burns, it creates CO2 bombs released into the atmosphere. One day of fires from the burning jungle in Borneo is the equivalent to the daily CO2 emissions of the entire United States. The Indonesian jungle is considered one of the major “lungs” of our planet, and it is becoming asphyxiated.

The Indonesian forest is the last place on Earth where elephants, rhinoceri, orangutans, and tigers live together in the wild, and they are in grave danger. These magnificent species are endangered because of the destruction of their habitat. Eventually, the effects of this carnage on nature will affect the entire planet, as the increased CO2 causes our planet's temperature to rise. 

Snow and ice reflect more sunlight than open water or bare ground. A reduction in snow cover and ice due to increased temperatures causes the Earth's surface to absorb more energy from the sun and become warmer. A vicious cycle that becomes irreversible as the planet continues to warm. 

So what can we do? 

First, reduce or, if possible, completely eliminate our palm oil consumption. 

Secondly, it is important to educate others about this pressing issue, to help them make the right decision. "Americans who even know what their consumption of palm oil is doing to Borneo are probably no more than ten thousand"- Alex Shoumattof. 

I am currently working on a project to help spread awareness about the destruction of the Borneo jungle. The big reveal will be at the end of 2021. 

During my trip to Borneo, I met a group called the Green Team that took out a loan to buy close to 100 hectares to protect the rainforest. They work tirelessly to pay out their debt for the land they purchased to protect. They make their money by taking tourists on sustainable wooden boats down the jungle river to see orangutans. Today, due to COVID, there are no more tourists. My goal is to help them make their loan payments to and alleviate the financial pressure, so they don't lose the land.  

I am also working on research to find the most efficient and sustainable solution to preserve the Indonesian jungle. 

Therefore, 50% of the profits from Animalize Wear will go towards supporting The Borneo Jungle Project. 

If you would like to help, please reach out artist@ekaterina-sky.com.