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LION Sky Jacket
LION Sky Jacket
LION Sky Jacket
LION Sky Jacket
LION Sky Jacket
LION Sky Jacket

Ekaterina Sky

LION Sky Jacket

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Finally!  It’s now the time to bring your heart to the surface and represent your personality from both inside and out.  This jacket unites true expression through sustainability, vegan material, and wildlife.  We’re taking it one step further to partner with different foundations tied to each jacket to make a greater impact on this world.   Let’s save wildlife, and feel uniquely ourselves doing it! 

It’s us, we are the rescuers.  Learn more about the foundation you’ll be supporting below.

Buy jackets save an animal.  With the adoption of the Lion you’ll be protecting and connecting the animals of Panthera's Project Leonardo.

The Organization:

The lion can be found in the wild in the grasslands and savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. Lions are classified as vulnerable, which means more efforts must be made in order to keep their populations safe from poachers and habitat loss due to agriculture commercialization in Africa. We can participate in these efforts by supporting project Leonardo through the Panthera foundation which aims to protect lions in the key lion conservation landscapes that remain, which includes key African national parks and their surroundings.

Learn more about the organization

How it fits 
  • Model is 5'10" wearing a size small
  • Relaxed fit, rigid denim
  • Button cuff
Composition & Care 
  • 100% Cotton
  • Dry wash only
  • Hand Embellished